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Are there any suggestions for missing terms?                      

2012/07/24   I have published this volume as containing 6288 terms, but since that day I have continued to find additional terms that should go in the book. The total is now up to 6795 terms, and growing...

If you happen to know of other terms that you feel belong in a dictionary such as this one, and that are not in it yet, please let me know! I would be very pleased to include them in a proposed second edition. And I will forward any definition I am able to add, to those of you who happen to suggest missing terminology!

I promise to also keep a list of those who contribute to a better second edition, to list them in the acknowledgements. I thank you now for any help you may be motivated to provide.  ;-)

G. T. Hart

2012/08/15  …the total is now 6834 terms.
2012/09/25  …the total is now 6868 terms.
2012/12/01  …the total is now 6948 terms.
2012/12/31  …the total is now 6970 terms.
2013/01/24  …the total is now 7001 terms.
2013/03/09  …the total is now 7032 terms.
2013/03/28  …the total is now 7063 terms.
2013/04/21  …the total is now 7101 terms.
2013/06/25  …the total is now 7135 terms.
2013/09/17  …the total is now 7166 terms.
2013/11/17  …the total is now 7210 terms.
2014/01/02  …the total is now 7250 terms.
2014/03/13  …the total is now 7315 terms.
2014/04/26  …the total is now 7350 terms.
2014/06/08  …the total is now 7384 terms.
2014/07/16  …the total is now 7400 terms.
2014/09/04  …the total is now 7429 terms.
2014/12/22  …the total is now 7722 terms.
2015/01/05  …the total is now 7750 terms.
2015/04/07  …the total is now 7811 terms.
2015/06/09  …the total is now 7867 terms.
2015/08/19  …the total is now 7940 terms.
2016/05/17  …the total is now 8068 terms.